Visiting your woman in Russia



Russia is a great country of contrasts; it’s wild, beautiful and sometimes unsettling for a foreigner. Nevertheless, women of this country are beautiful, warm and kind hearted. They make wonderful wives and perfect mothers. Russian woman is loyal, caring and understanding, you will always feel loved and cared about with her.

However, if you found such a woman on one of the marriage or dating web sites and are planning on visiting her home country it is worth to know some tips that will help you to make your visit to Russia safe and pleasant. First of all, you should think about the place, where you will be living these days. The best solution will certainly be asking your woman to find a nice apartment in a private sector. It will be much easier for you two meet and given that a native will be renting the apartment – locals will not try to raise the price.

Nevertheless, if your relationship with a woman is not yet at that stage and you won’t feel comfortable asking her to find an apartment for you – you can check the hotels and apartments for rent in private sector yourself. In choosing the apartment or the hotel room it is important to rent middle priced one. Too cheap apartments or hotel rooms will have horrible living conditions and almost no commodities, too expensive ones – will not correspond to high quality standards anyway, therefore there is no point in going to extremes.

After you’ve found and rented the apartment, or the apartment has been rented for you by your woman or marriage agency you need to study a bit the acceptable social behavior in Russian society. First of all – remember that you shouldn’t smile. Russians don’t smile at all on the streets and you will be either looked upon with perplexity or with despise. Russian men don’t particularly like foreigners and although they don’t show physically their discontent, they will most likely frown as soon as they hear you speak any language other than Russian or even Russian with an accent.bestdate

Russians even have a saying: “laughter without a cаuse is a sign of stupidity”. You can certainly smile and laugh in the company of your lady, Russian women appreciate good sense of humor. You will just need to contain yourself on the streets. Another important thing is to calculate your possibility to drink.

It’s not a secret that Russians drink a lot and at any occasion. If you will be taken to meet the family of your woman, which is a rather real possibility, you will be invited to the dinner table. Russian cuisine is rather mild, with no dangerous types of food and it’s not spicy too. You will need to try every dish. Then the guests will congratulate your lady and you that you’ve found each other and will be offering to drink.

Remember that you should only take a few sips each time, otherwise you will be unconsciously drunk by the end of the evening. After you ate, it is customary to drink tea with biscuits or honey. It’s a long time traditions and you will not be understood if you refuse. Nevertheless, you can ask for coffee, your hosts will not be offended, as Russians are drinking coffee too, although not in the same amount as tea. -russian women dating free