Top Things not to Leave Home without Going on a Date

Getting ready for a date people feel excited and little nervous. These are natural feelings that can, however, make you forget some important things that you may need on a date. Below you will find top things that you need to check up before leaving home.
Don’t forget purse, wallet, handbag, money, credit cards. Even if you are a woman, having money with you is a must, just in case.
Condoms, disregards your gender. If things develop fast and you will have sex, it is better have it protected. Think modern.
Cellular or mobile phone. Women shouldn’t forget it at home, this is their security device and keeping in contact with a date in case the taxi is late or other thing go awry.
A note book or a piece of paper with the address of the place you are going to, name of the restaurant, your date’s phone number, etc. This way you are on a safe side from embarrassing moments.
Men shouldn’t forget about the bouquet of flowers or a single flower. This way you will show you care for you date.
If the weather is gloomy take and umbrella, as there is nothing worse than spending hours to get ready for a perfect date and spoil your entire look by a few minutes of shower, moreover, being cold and wet you will hardly enjoy the date.
Trust and common sense are better taken in equal amounts. If you don’t trust your date, this will be spotted out, however, use a common sense and if you see the signals of danger or some other warnings, you better leave. Remember, you are responsible for your safety and security.
If you go to the cinema, concert, museum, etc, make sure you have tickets in advance and that they are with you. Forgetting the tickets for a long awaited event, will not only ruin your date but leave both of you disappointed.
Have small note book and a pen with you, especially men. This will be helpful if you need to put down some information, for instance, a phone number.
Don’t forget to be yourself, enjoy the conversation and have fun on your date.