Russian brides, and “tricks” against their mischievousness

ruskewomenSome of the Russian brides are being too smart as they think that they can trick everyone, and continue feeling like they are in charge for the situation, but te truth is that not every man likes this kind of behavior, and there are really a lot of cases, when they simply stop corresponding with “bossy” women, as there are enough of this kind of women in the States, so there is no use in going through all the paperwork and expenses while bringing a wife from Russia, it doesn’t bring to anything good, and every decent man knows that.

Everyone know the fact that physical appearance of the woman is a very important thing for her man, as there are no men in the world whom would enjoy seeing a lady by their side, who doesn’t take proper care of yourself, or is not that pretty as for example his colleagues friend. The more successful is the man, the more gorgeous is supposed to be the woman by his side, and there are no men in the world whom would enjoy a nice woman looking so so by their side, as all of men enjoy collecting “trophies” and to expand them in front of their friends.

So when a foreigner is looking for a wife abroad, the most important criteria in finding the woman he wants for him, is her physical appearance, the prettier is the woman, the bigger is his interest in getting to know her. It is important to mention that there is a huge variety of men, some of them are looking for a gorgeous wife and everything else doesn’t matter to them, the other ones look for a young and pretty wife, some men enjoy dating a virgin, for others the most important thing is being religious, but also there are men who look for a wise women. And in rare cases ones, who look for both, stunning beauty and sharp mind, and eventually there is a trick for them in that as well, as the more beautiful the woman is the more attention she gets, and the more intelligent she is, the more she realizes that her beauty is a strong weapon against her man.


So when two sharp minds are meeting each other, they start a so called “game” which is aimed to show who would be that leading person in the relation. The more captivating is the game, the tighter are the knots that would keep this man by the side of the woman.

This way getting back to the beauty point, for each man it is a necessity to know that his correspondent is not a scam, and that he is speaking to a genuine person, that is why they ask for as many pictures as possible, and in some cases even send cameras to the women they are talking with in order to have the chance meeting them in person, and starting a relationship with them if they are real. If the girl uses some excuses to send pictures even after getting a camera, than in the majority of cases this man not simply finishes the communication with her, but is also doing everything in order to see her profile deleted from the database, which is a right thing to do, as no one needs fake people in their life.

And if being cautious while corresponding, than it will be very easy to notice whether the person you communicate with is up to the things she or he wrote in the profile or not. It is easy to fall in love into that someone whom doesn’t really exist, so the more you get into person, without even trying to check how genuine this person is, the more painful it would be afterwards if the person would prove to be a scammer. All the little things about the character, or the home discipline are usually easy to notice and follow during communication, if not being honest, than sooner or later will come the time when you will see all the lies hidden, and in this case, it will be no way back for the person who lied.