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Getting married abroad with foreigners

No matter the fact what were your motivation for leaving your own country, and of the way how the life after marriage has changed, almost all the Russian brides while leaving abroad feel some special type of sorrow. This sorrow has a double face.

On the Motherland this kind of woman is a happy woman who sort of won a life’s lottery, she met a Prince Charming who lives a happy and rich life abroad, who brought her into a crystal castle in the light and golden place. A big quantity of Russian women can really do a lot of things, but that is not something that they need to do, as in order to meet a Prince you need to be a Princess as well, otherwise it is not really working.

What do Russian brides expect?

Russian brides in general have too high expectations towards their life with a man from abroad; they do not understand one simple thing. In order to have something good and worthy you need to be up to it, in order to change your life completely, you need to change completely as well. Not a lot of women realize that the most attractive thing for them abroad, is not living in there, but the fact that it is almost impossible.

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Each of the women who decide to become a Russian bride for a foreigner are doing this step being advised by some close relative, or friend, or friend of a friend who has married abroad, eventually while changing life completely, there are not that many people who would really say the truth the way it is, that life is maybe not that easy as they were expecting it will be, that husband is not that caring as he was before the marriage during his short visits, and instead of a huge and rich house they were expecting to live in, they live in a tiny house with a variety of his relatives and have to do all the work at home.

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Eventually instead of saying all those things they would keep saying how great their life is, and how happy they are for the fact that they made this serious step and as a result were able to change everything. Of course there are cases when there really are stories with a happy end, but there are not that many of them.

What do Russian brides complain about?

The only thing those women usually complaint about is the fact that they stayed without their jobs, and now they will have to start everything from the beginning, as building a career is not a that easy thing to do, especially when you are in a whole new country, where everything is new, and in the majority of cases people around you are not very much friendly.

Of course if such an woman would mention about her problems to her friends and relatives at home, they will start laughing and say that she keeps complaining about things that do not really matter, and their problems if comparing them to hers are huge, as she wants to work because she is bored, while they need to work in order to survive in the difficult conditions of life in their country.

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And eventually it is impossible to keep telling them about the humiliation they feel every time they go through a interview for work, and how they feel in the moment when their interlocutor after feeling the accent asks where they are from. It is hard to describe the expression of the eyes of the person in front, which are clearly showing they do not like the fact that she is from Russia– country full of snow and bears.

How important is your relationship with your husband?

And the other important thing is that too many things in the life of a Russian wife abroad depends on her relationship with husband, that is why no matter how you look on the situation, such a marriage has no chances for the same rights in it, and the woman will always feel she has less rights, and cannot always say her real opinion.