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Yesterday morning, while I was drinking my coffee with my best friend on my balcony, we heard an interesting discussion between one of my neighbors and a friend of hers.

First, I need to tell you that this neighbor of mine is a 14 – 15 young girl. I don’t think that she is older than that. Those two were talking about the fact that one of them was asked on a date. I couldn’t hear very well what they were talking but what made us laugh, was that they were so anxious and were making lots of plans about what to wear, what subjects will approach and all this kind of silly things. Maybe it wasn’t so silly but what it seemed hilarious to us was that we realized that we were same as them at their age. And we started remembering those times.

Now we have a certain age. For us, dating isn’t something wow. It’s just going out with someone, drinking a coffee and talking about different things. But, if we start thinking about our first dates, oh, I can say that we were kind of silly back then. And if I remember well my fist date wasn’t even a date, because I went with my best friend there. That was out tactic. I will go with her and she will go with me on each ones first date, so it wouldn’t be awkward. Of course, that it was. Anyway, we weren’t so young when we start dating. This days, kids start dating at very young age. I don’t think that they take this matter, like dating, so serious. Now, nothing is unusual. I mean, for example, if we talk about LGBT dating, is not a big thing. Is about dating and that is all, is something ordinary. And I think is great. Because, many years ago, people really didn’t respond at this kind of things. I realize now how things changed over the years, in so many ways.

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In the past, dates were so different. I remember that we used to take long walks into the park. We were kind of romantic back then. Those butterflies from walking hand in hand … who doesn’t remember that? And flowers; I received so many flowers, from almost all my dates. I know that we wondered many times how lesbian dating is supposed to be. We didn’t had so much information like now and for us that was something so strange. It was like something taboo and of course that we would never ask about this sort of things. Now , we have the internet and anyone can find out everything about anything. Now, dates are all about going into bars, about going into clubs and the days when we just went for a walk in the park seem to be gone for so long. And when we got asked to go to a restaurant for dinner, that was the signal that we found a good match and it sounds like a relationship.

The important thing is that when you start dating take a little time and enjoy your dates, enjoy the things you do and the time you spend. Even that the times have changed, the people and their habits have changed, the only one thing that didn’t is the final purpose : to find your other half.

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