Dating Rules for Women

There are common rules that women should follow in their dating life. However, we are all different and it doesn’t mean you should take things written below too seriously. It would have been easier if no special rules were created, but dating and courtship is a sort of ritual. We all follow the rules of the society we live in and the same goes about dating. Dating is a game, and if you accept to play, you need to know the rules. Moreover, some things will help you to make your dates more successful, dear women. When you know the rules, you have a head start.
General Dating Rules:
Don’t forget you are a woman, you have an advantage. Make sure you always look great, look your best to meet your special one at any time anywhere.
Remain enigmatic, this drives men wild.
Stay in shape, attend gym, and lead healthy life style. Remember men love women not only for their mind and hearts, but also bodies.
Allow a man to pay for your meal and taxi, this shows he takes care of you.
Make sure the man brings flowers to a date.
Never show up too early, make a man wait, but not for too long! This is woman’s prerogative.
Keep dates short, but interesting. This will keep your man interested.
Never sleep with a man on first dates, make sure he falls for you. Sex on the early stage most likely will ruin everything.
Never be available, when he wants you to be. If he is available today, you are available tomorrow.
Your private time with your girlfriends is sacred and no men are allowed.
Ensure you kiss well. Men usually abandon bad-kissers.
Never discuss your ex-boyfriends and previous relationships.
Never look too available or desperate. The men are scared of this and will run a mile away from you.
If man shows signs of insecurity or possessiveness, run away from him. Life is too short to be spent teaching someone what is right or not.
Always remember you are a sexy and desirable woman. Allow men chase after you and be a chooser.