Getting Ready for a Date

Getting ready for a date, you are excited and maybe even nervous. This is quite natural. The following tips will help you to get ready for a date and not to miss a thing.
It is only a date and your life doesn’t depend on it, so calm down and don’t get nervous or over excited about it. Keep things in perspective.
Make sure you have enough time for yourself before the date, so you can get ready your best.
Prepare your ‘outfit’ in advance, so that you know what you will wear before getting ready for a date. Try to look your best.
Turn on the music that will make you feel good and you go for a date in high spirits. (more…)

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Tips to Arrange a Date

If you like a person and you invite her/him for a date and you receive a positive reply, it is time to think where and when you will have it and arrange it in a proper way. Following this small tips, you will easily have things right.
Let the date occur sooner rather than later. If you wait too long for some spare time or a day off, your stress from anticipated date, will only grow. So, try to arrange a date in a matter of a day or two after asking.
Stop at a calm and relaxing venue. Choose the place that won’t be formal, that would be fun where you two can communicate without any disturbance. This can be a quiet restaurant.
Make sure your date will easily get to the place you have chosen. The best variant is a place where all means of transportation reach. It will be very convenient, especially for a lady. (more…)

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Dating Rules for Women

There are common rules that women should follow in their dating life. However, we are all different and it doesn’t mean you should take things written below too seriously. It would have been easier if no special rules were created, but dating and courtship is a sort of ritual. We all follow the rules of the society we live in and the same goes about dating. Dating is a game, and if you accept to play, you need to know the rules. Moreover, some things will help you to make your dates more successful, dear women. When you know the rules, you have a head start. (more…)

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Dating Rules for Men

Evidently, most of women have a great emotional and physical arsenal in a dating scene, but if you follow some general rules, you are ready for a battle. 😉
Look your best. Get contemporary clothes that suit you and make sure your shoes are polished as women always look at men’s shoes. Bare in mind that a woman will think, if you don’t care about yourself, you won’t care about her. (more…)

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Top Things not to Leave Home without Going on a Date

Getting ready for a date people feel excited and little nervous. These are natural feelings that can, however, make you forget some important things that you may need on a date. Below you will find top things that you need to check up before leaving home.
Don’t forget purse, wallet, handbag, money, credit cards. Even if you are a woman, having money with you is a must, just in case.
Condoms, disregards your gender. If things develop fast and you will have sex, it is better have it protected. Think modern.
Cellular or mobile phone. Women shouldn’t forget it at home, this is their security device and keeping in contact with a date in case the taxi is late or other thing go awry. (more…)

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