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This is the place for a comfortable, safe and effective dating with foreign men who are looking for life partner from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. is used by thousands of foreigners from the developed countries of the West, and the girls who choose our online dating platform, have great chances to find true love. All our services are absolutely free for girls! (more…)

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Meet the best Russian women at – is one of the best and most popular online dating websites. Here you can find love of your life. More than 10000 profiles will help you choose necessary partner for friendship, serious relationships, dating, love and marriage. Visit our platform and forget about the loneliness and sadness forever. Your future love is waiting for you right now! (more…)

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Why Filipino Women Prefer White Men For Dating?

The fact that Filipina ladies are attracted by foreigners who are much older than them really can arise some doubts. This video will try to explain and to convince you in their true intentions. The secret consists in the Filipina ladies’ passion towards while skinned men. (more…)

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Russian bride living the “Hollywood dream”.

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The difference between the Russian and European women is huge, as Russian women are oriented mostly on having a family, while the European ones dream about having a successful career.

Since I live in Scandinavia, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, it would seem logical for me to discuss about the famous Scandinavian feminism-very effective, successful, progressive which is existing on the planet, at least in the eyes of the people of the Nordic countries. (more…)

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Find your Soul Mate on Ukraine Women Dating Website!

ukrainedateI have been constantly engaged in handling of business activities and it was time to find a supporting pillar who kept me emotionally stable while going through ups and downs. Marriage is the foundation of a long term relationship and every man wants to have a life partner who is compatible with you. (more…)

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