Russian bride living the “Hollywood dream”.

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The difference between the Russian and European women is huge, as Russian women are oriented mostly on having a family, while the European ones dream about having a successful career.

Since I live in Scandinavia, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, it would seem logical for me to discuss about the famous Scandinavian feminism-very effective, successful, progressive which is existing on the planet, at least in the eyes of the people of the Nordic countries. (more…)

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Mistakes the Russian brides make during correspondence.

Russian bridessexOne of the most common mistakes is lack of knowledge of the language. Yes there are a lot of situations, like for example lack of money, or there is no possibility to even study it online in a internet cafe and so on. But my point is that in order to have a relationship with the foreigner you two need to communicate somehow, and eventually the man will not start learning Russian (more…)

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Russian brides, and “tricks” against their mischievousness

ruskewomenSome of the Russian brides are being too smart as they think that they can trick everyone, and continue feeling like they are in charge for the situation, but te truth is that not every man likes this kind of behavior, and there are really a lot of cases, when they simply stop corresponding with “bossy” women, as there are enough of this kind of women in the States, so there is no use in going through all the paperwork and expenses while bringing a wife from Russia, it doesn’t bring to anything good, and every decent man knows that. (more…)

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American husband. American life.

Source: Russische Frauen

American husbandAmerican people not matter their problem with obesity are quite a healthy nation. The average length of life varies from eight to eighty five years old, though approximately one hundred of years ago people were living approximately to forty, forty five years old. Currently due to the progress in everything, in the society, as well as in the industry people became more concentrated not upon the work, but upon doing the things in life that they really like, this way they started working in order to exist, instead as existing in order to work as they did before, this thing has lead them to a quality better life, and gave them the opportunity to travel into Europe and find a Russian wife there. (more…)

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What the Most Guys Want to Know about Girls from Russia

Girls from Russia


This article is based on letters of the men to women at Slavic bride dating websites. This article shows what questions are most common to ask the ladies and what questions are not appropriate to be asked. You have a great chance to learn on other’s mistakes and avoid repeating them. Thus, you will not have to wonder why the amazing girls from Russia you are interested in do not reply you. (more…)

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