How to stop being just a hookup for someone you love

In a couple of casual partners, one often appears to be more emotional than the other and can eventually fall in love. If this happens, how to change another person’s mind?

Are there any chances for the mutual feelings? Experts say, the first thing to change is a person’s state of mind. If someone decided to hookup only, then there’s nothing personal. (more…)

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Russian bride living the “Hollywood dream”.

Portrait of a man and woman holding a mask

The difference between the Russian and European women is huge, as Russian women are oriented mostly on having a family, while the European ones dream about having a successful career.

Since I live in Scandinavia, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, it would seem logical for me to discuss about the famous Scandinavian feminism-very effective, successful, progressive which is existing on the planet, at least in the eyes of the people of the Nordic countries. (more…)

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