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American husbandAmerican people not matter their problem with obesity are quite a healthy nation. The average length of life varies from eight to eighty five years old, though approximately one hundred of years ago people were living approximately to forty, forty five years old. Currently due to the progress in everything, in the society, as well as in the industry people became more concentrated not upon the work, but upon doing the things in life that they really like, this way they started working in order to exist, instead as existing in order to work as they did before, this thing has lead them to a quality better life, and gave them the opportunity to travel into Europe and find a Russian wife there. The fact that has drawn the attention of American men towards the Russian ladies was the fact that they are known for being tender and sweet women, who are able to create an atmosphere full of harmony at home, and who are always very kind to their men, who are not seeking for the leading role in the family and in life itself, but are able to respect their man, and the fact that there is a difference between a man and a woman.

Today an ordinary American is leading a healthy lifestyle, is taking thoroughly into consideration the alimentation, takes vitamins and calcium, is frequent in the gym is not smoking and is not abusing alcohol, lives mostly in the ecologically clean regions, so eventually the only thing that is desperately needed by such man is a caring woman by his side who will understand him and who will be willing to create a strong family with him based on harmony and coziness. American women are too concerned with their own social life and career that is why they stopped showing some affection and tenderness to their men, in fact they are doing the opposite thing, as they are showing off, and try to show that they are equal and even more powerful than their men, as a result they stay single for a very long time, and usually create families when they are way far from being thirty five years old.

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For Russian women it is hard to become adjusted with the new country and new rules in it, it is a fact that they have problems with racist views. For them it is something normal, while for America as a country itself it is nonsense, and is a matter of the past. Like for example some of them mention, that at the beginning they enjoyed the country as everyone kept smiling to them, but later when they learned the language, they realized that a lot of Americans do not like Russians at all, so they kept asking the question why do those people hate them if they are same white people as they are, and the worst thing is that some women do not even realize how racist it sounds. Why those Americans put me white woman on the same scale as Mexicans and African descent people. And I really enjoyed how my husband has answered this question, he said those Americans hate you not because you are Russian but because you are racist. And then he added, that is the reason why I don’t like you either. Sometimes i miss those times in my hometown; there was no racism at all in the moment when i was growing up.

In general I think that there is no difference what color is your skin, or where you were born and raised, as well as there is no difference whether you are American or Russian, but there is a big difference and matter on the type of person that you are it is very important in the first place to be a good person, or a simple person, who doesn’t think that is greater or worse than other people around, and the rest is already something that doesn’t matter.