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girls-russiaSince early 1990-s Russian women have been the most desired and adored ladies in the entire world. While women from other countries feel envy and sometimes even angry men fall in love with Russian ladies and discover the meaning of the word “happiness”.

Myths about light conduct

There used to be a stereotype stating that Russian women are rather easy in their morals. Actually, there are some reasons to say so, but those reasons are irrelevant nowadays. In early 1990-s a many women from former communistic countries rushed to the West striving for better life. There is no surprise that many of them behaved not too well. The worst thing is that a lot of people in the US or Canada do not see big difference between immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and other Slavic countries. They often consider all of them as “Russians”.

That’s how the rumors are born and spread. Today the situation is totally different. Take a look at the statistics – Russian demography has been rapidly improving for more than 10 years and women keep stick to family values more and more. A Russian wife is the best wife indeed.


Typical mistakes

If you think (like many foreigners do) that a Russian woman is an easy game – you are totally wrong. Don’t even try it, seriously. She’ll never return your affection if you her without proper respect. Russian girls don’t forgive those who think that being an American or a German makes him better than others. No way.

But Russian ladies are always open for new acquaintance. They will never push you away if you start talking to them or inviting them somewhere. The worst outcome that could happen in such a case is that a Russian woman will indicate you are just not her style.

Modern Russian girls are family-oriented and they consider every new man in their life to become a husband and a father. Holiday romance is possible, of course, but such things typically happen on a resort near sea.


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There also women who honestly admit that they are looking for sex dating only. Believe us, there could be lots of reasons for women not to search for long-term relationships and enjoy different sexual partners without any serious feelings.

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