Why Sexiest Russian Women are Looking for Husband Abroad

sexiest Russian women

If you look for a Russian marriage agency on-line, you will get over one million results. Such results are overwhelming. Why this business has flourished in the post Soviet countries within the last decade? Are these women hunting for a rich husband? Are they looking for on-line hot conversation? Do they look for a short-term romance? Or maybe they seek for something more profound and serious as true love relationship, marriage and family? Do they need someone to make them happy?

Definitely, this article does not include the motives and wants of all sexiest Russian women, by no means. Not all of the women, who submit their profiles to the on-line marriage agencies, are the same. So, foreign men should exercise caution when they choose to look for their future spouse with the help of on-line dating. However, do not let scam stories discourage you as there are also many happy stories and testimonials on-line as well as happy couples that have been created with the help of on-line dating. Never lose your possibility to find your true love…

If you get into the investigation of why Russian ladies take a chance to get married with a foreigner you will find out the first reason to this is the men in their homeland are not good enough. Russian men have a long way to go to keep up with the Western men in terms of treating their women and families. Most of the sexiest Russian ladies think Russian men do not know what a family is and how to treat it.

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You will also receive the same information from local bridal agencies. You will find out that Russian men drink, neglect and even beat their women.  Obviously, not all of the local men are like this, but their majority. This is a general conception of the local men by Slavic brides: too demanding, irresponsible, hard-hearted, not willing to provide for their children. Many of the Slavic brides join international marriage agencies due to their strong family ties and devotion. They hope to find someone reliable, trustworthy, and willing to marry and create family there.

Foreigners in general seem to be more serious about family and children; they are unlike men at home Russian women consider. Besides quality reason, there is a quantity one: the men-women population ratio is 46% to 54% and the situation remains the same these days. It means many ladies will never find their special one, even if all the men were right for marriage and family. That is why many of the sexiest Russian ladies look for a future spouse abroad simply to widen the horizons.

If a woman is older than 25 years her chances for finding a husband in her home land dramatically drop down. This is the time when “all good ones have been snatched”. Looks like local guys disappear when reaching the age of thirty.

These women are feminine, but not feminist. They like to be attractive and take pride in their appearance. Seeing these women wearing pumps and dresses on a regular basis is a common thing. These women like being ‘weak gender’ and look for the strong shoulder to lean against.