What to expect from marriage with a Ukrainian woman?


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If you have found yourself a Ukrainian wife – congratulations, she is most likely the prettier wife among the wives of your friends. Ukrainian women are gorgeous and their beauty isn’t superficial. It comes from within. Although in western countries the percentage of beautiful women is not that high – there still are some. Nevertheless, their beauty is cold. They know that they are beautiful and they intend to use it as much as possible.

In Ukraine almost every girl is really attractive; therefore beauty isn’t considered something particular or special. Ukrainian women are very warm, kind and patient. Patience is probably the quintessence of their characters. Life in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries is quite hard: it’s ridiculously hard to find a decent job, even if you have a university degree, and if you don’t have it – you’ll be hired only to do minimum wage jobs.

This caused a weird tendency, which persists for many generations – graduate from the university by all means. Unlike in western countries, higher education in the former USSR countries is quite affordable. Therefore, great majority of people go to the university and graduate it.

However, even with a university degree it’s hard to make up for a decent living. This is the main reason why girls are taught from the early childhood how to be thrifty and how to do everything by themselves: cook, make canned goods and so on. Ukrainian women are not spoiled by the luxury; therefore even the prettiest of them are not high maintenance.

Ukrainian women are very feminine. You will feel yourself a real man with such fragile, yet strong woman. If you marry a Ukrainian girl you can be sure that you won’t see her in bad shape. These women do everything possible to look as pretty as possible. They make the beauty their quest.sexindating

So what exactly can you expect if you marry a woman like that? Well, first of all warm and delicious dinner, when you will get home from work. You will be met by a gorgeous woman who will be interested in how you’ve spent your day. The distinctive feature of Ukrainian women is their ability to hear your out. They are not just listening to you, thinking about something else – they are truly interested in what you’re saying and they will always offer a helping hand or advice.

Another important feature of marrying a Ukrainian woman is their devotion. Family ties are extremely important in Ukraine. Naturally, Ukrainian people get divorced sometimes, but the divorces are frowned upon. When couple divorces, society usually blames woman that she wasn’t skillful enough to keep her man satisfied.

That is why Ukrainian women will do everything that depends on them to save the marriage. They will not cheat and they will be able to put up with a lot of things that western women will never be able to accept. They easily accept the second role in the house, allowing man to feel himself important, cared about and loved.

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