What the Most Guys Want to Know about Girls from Russia

Girls from Russia

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This article is based on letters of the men to women at Slavic bride dating websites. This article shows what questions are most common to ask the ladies and what questions are not appropriate to be asked. You have a great chance to learn on other’s mistakes and avoid repeating them. Thus, you will not have to wonder why the amazing girls from Russia you are interested in do not reply you.

How many men you are corresponding with at the moment?

This question is usually asked by the men, who have already had a bad experience in on-line dating before. It would be great if it was possible to determine the one and only for you only by means of the internet communication and a photo, but it takes more than that to understand you have found your special one. That is why no surprise that many men and women on-line correspond with more than one person. You should understand this and it is better not to ask this question at all.

Will you marry me?

This question is inappropriate at the initial stage of the relationship, unless it is used in humors way and you are sure lady understands it. You need to know that the majority of people talking on-line cannot answer this question even after several months of communication. The answer to this question can be provided only after your real meeting and some common time spent together. You need to realize this. There are, for sure exceptions, but they just prove the general rule. If you feel in love with a lady we suggest you travelling to her home land and when you are both ready for the next serious step, take a decision.

How well do you speak English?

Most of the women from former Soviet Union countries do not speak English. However, due to the modern demands of the world and society, their number is increasing. You need to know hat with the appearance of internet and new working places that are paid better, if you speak English have aroused the interest in learning the international language. However, many of the CIS women cannot afford themselves English classes since these services are comparatively expensive on the territory of post Soviet countries.

Are your letters being translated or you write them yourself?

Even if girls from Russia speak a little English, they have a high language barrier. That is why they use translator’s help so their letters are reader-friendly and lack mistakes. They take advantage of the agency help to be able to express their thoughts the way they can do in their mother tongue, but fail in English. If ladies’ English is fluent level, they still ask their letters to be checked for spelling and grammar mistakes since they want to impress you.)

What is your religion?

This is a very important question as the differences in religious views can cause problems for the future relationship. Everyone has a right to choose on the dating site so, if you are not comfortable with the lady’s religious looks, you better look for someone else. However, if you are worrying whether the lady will not accept your faith or not, you need to ask this, since most of the real girls from Russia accept various religions.

This is not a complete list for sure, but here there are the most frequently asked questions.