Russian bride living the “Hollywood dream”.

Portrait of a man and woman holding a mask

The difference between the Russian and European women is huge, as Russian women are oriented mostly on having a family, while the European ones dream about having a successful career.

Since I live in Scandinavia, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, it would seem logical for me to discuss about the famous Scandinavian feminism-very effective, successful, progressive which is existing on the planet, at least in the eyes of the people of the Nordic countries.

We can look for a very long time in amazement, of how many tall, platinum blondes and physically developed beauties cleverly and easily change their seasonal tires on their cars, bikes, and are even able to drill walls in their kitchen without using man’s aid. And as a result there is a situation in which those women have stopped needing their men by their side, which is a very sad thing, as a result women in those countries born their first baby by the times they are already about forty years old. Not to mention the fact that in very rare cases they have the second or third child.

In all five Nordic countries special policy priorities are: human rights, social welfare, good level of well-being for all citizens without exception, improved environment and avoidance of or an early peaceful settlement of any military conflict. Most likely such an apparent “feminine” priorities of the Scandinavian model of statehood are due to the fact that in the Parliament of those countries sit about forty percents of female politicians. Nordic results are encouraging: for a good dozen of years, these countries share the top ratings in terms of standards of living of the population. As far as I know, the previous six years Norway was the first country, but in the 2007 year forward tore to Iceland.

Creating appropriate conditions for autonomy and independence for women this is the political achievement which these countries are especially proud of. These kinds of model of behavior were described by the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in his writings, proceeding in the immortal drama “Dollhouse”.


In these days the newspapers publish annual statistics of the Council for equality. The society goes through a shock about the fact that Norwegian mothers use physical punishment of children on forty percent more than the fathers. Perhaps this fact is a direct consequence of the installations that are required to formally control the men using their physical force because of more severe effects of their attacks and greater damage in a fit of rage or anger, male incontinence, as a result of such a system women became very emancipated, and due to this fact men cannot feel their selves as masters in their own house. And that is a wrong system, a wrong way to built a happy family, and as a result men are looking for a happy family with a woman who will not try to show that she is the main person in the family, they need a family oriented woman who is ready to respect their authority, and as a fact they look for a Russian bride. Russian women are also looking for a husband abroad; as they consider that abroad they will be happier.

It is important the fact that the families which are built between a Russian bride and a foreigner last much longer, those women are grateful to their husbands for taking them out from the difficult circumstances they were living in, and as a result they do everything in order to create the conditions for a comfortable and cozy life of their men, so this man would never leave them, and they would continue living the happily ever after together, it is not a “Hollywood dream” it is the reality that each woman can create if only feeling the desire to do it.