How to Write the Best First Message Online Dating with Big Beautiful Women

BBW datingWhen you are dating online a lot of the relationship comes down to your first message.  This is especially true when BBW dating.  Plus size women want your love and being able to get it to them means crafting a great first message.  Keep reading to find out how to craft the perfect first message.

No One Liners

A very popular first message is just “Hello” or “Hi”.  Want to know what messages get shot down the most?  One line or single word messages are the most likely messages to get turned down by big beautiful women.  Or any woman for that matter.  Take a little more time to create the best message you can.

Read Her Profile Thoroughly First

Reading a profile of a woman when you are BBW dating is the best way to start crafting your first message.  This is because a lot of the information you need to know about the person is right there in the profile.  Take some of the information you learn in reading the profile and place it in your message.  This shows them that you are paying attention to what they wrote.  It also shows them you have some likes in common.

Put Thought Into It

Putting thought into your first message is the best way to make it succeed.  You want it to be a creative message that shows plus size women who you are.  It shows them why they should be interested in dating you, and it does all of this without blatantly pointing it out.

Make Her Laugh

Laughing is a great way to break the ice.  It is scientifically proven that laughing can make you healthier.  When you go to write a message for a big beautiful woman dating app, make sure that you do your best to make her laugh.  Try telling a joke or sending a funny picture.

Based off the persons profile try to adjust your humor according to her profile.  Starting off by offending her with a joke is a great way to get sidelined right away.big Beautiful Women

Ask Her A Question

Sending a first message that doesn’t ask a question is asking for the message to be ignored.  Without a question, the message isn’t engaging.  It is simply stating a fact.  No one wants to hear all about you.  When you ask a question you are inviting them to participate in the message chain.

Almost all messages without a question and without engagement of both parties fail.

Don’t Just Compliment Her

Plus size women are just like all other women, they love a compliment.  There is too much of a good thing though.  Limit the amount of compliments that you put in your first message.  Too many will make you come across as creepy.  They will also make her feel as if you are more interested in her body then her personality or intellect.  Neither is a good thing to come off as.

If You Copy And Paste, Personalise

A lot of smart guys have copy and paste messages for when they are sending out first messages to big beautiful women.  This is not the worst idea when BBW dating.  However, if you are going to do this, personalise the message to each woman that you send it to.  A generic message can be easily detected.  It is also easily detectable if you forget to change the name that it is addressed to or use something in it that isn’t listed on their profile.

Beautiful Big Women Date at BBWCupid

Using a copy and paste message can be dangerous when communicating with women online.  It increases the chance that you will get caught talking with more than one woman at a time which can be a turn off.  They know it is happening but they don’t want it thrown in their faces.

These are some of the best tips for sending the first message to plus size women.  With these tips you should be prepared to make first contact with a big beautiful woman.  From there, who knows what will happen.  Make sure that you pique her curiosity, attract her attention, and engage her with a question.