How to stop being just a hookup for someone you love

How to stop being just a hookup for someone you love

In a couple of casual partners, one often appears to be more emotional than the other and can eventually fall in love. If this happens, how to change another person’s mind?

Are there any chances for the mutual feelings? Experts say, the first thing to change is a person’s state of mind. If someone decided to hookup only, then there’s nothing personal.

They would have the same attitude towards anyone else due to their own reasons. After trying to switch to the next level and possible failure, one shouldn’t get offended or feel down.

The second factor is personal. It can happen that a person keeps on hookuping just until someone special comes their way. So, check whether they consider you special, at least potentially.

If not yet, try to make them like you more. Add some romance and see their reaction. Get more personal by learning about their interests and bio, then please them accordingly.

Let your attempts be soft yet persistent. It’s important to be ready to accept either the victory or the loss, with the equal wisdom and patience.

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