Getting Ready for a Date

Getting ready for a date, you are excited and maybe even nervous. This is quite natural. The following tips will help you to get ready for a date and not to miss a thing.
It is only a date and your life doesn’t depend on it, so calm down and don’t get nervous or over excited about it. Keep things in perspective.
Make sure you have enough time for yourself before the date, so you can get ready your best.
Prepare your ‘outfit’ in advance, so that you know what you will wear before getting ready for a date. Try to look your best.
Turn on the music that will make you feel good and you go for a date in high spirits.
You need to know where you are going in advance to count what time it will require you to get to the place. If you take a cab, watch your time.
Do not overdo with cologne/perfume both men and women. Even if you find half a bottle of your favorite perfume fine, your date can be suffocating in its vapor cloud.
Think what you will talk over with your date and what things you better avoid in your conversation. Though it is not an interview, you better be prepared.
Make sure you are on a safe side (especially women), tell your friends and close people where are you going and whom are you going to meet, carry a cell phone with you. Follow safe dating tips. You are responsible for your safety and security.
Men need to polish their shoes, watch their accessories (wallet, belt, etc.) are nice.
Don’t put all your hopes and expectations in this date. If things don’t work out, it is just a great time out. Make sure you relax on a date.
For men, if you want to bring flowers, bring them for your date, but make this stylish and simple.
Don’t expect to have sex on the first date, but at the same time make sure your bed shits are fresh and tidy, just in case.
Never profess love on the first day, this looks immature and you risk to scare your date away.
Learn to read the body language that will help you to catch interesting signals from your date. Besides, it is also much fun.