Dating Rules for Men

Evidently, most of women have a great emotional and physical arsenal in a dating scene, but if you follow some general rules, you are ready for a battle. 😉
Look your best. Get contemporary clothes that suit you and make sure your shoes are polished as women always look at men’s shoes. Bare in mind that a woman will think, if you don’t care about yourself, you won’t care about her.

Check your hygiene and make sure you look well-groomed. Visit barbers and make sure you have a fresh hair cut. Make sure any odors are under control. Buy high quality cologne. Women appreciate when men smell well, so make a shower routine a part of your life.
Sort out your job. Women like ambitious men. However, it is better to have any job than having none. Make sure you have plans for future in terms of your job since women like asking questions about your prospects.
Make sure you are updated on currents events in the world; watch news, read newspapers, etc. Women cannot stand stupidity and laziness in men. If you are an open-minded person, who enjoys travelling, this is your great plus.
If you want a really fair woman, don’t extol bad habits, such as drinking at the bars every other night. In case you like hanging out at clubs with your friends, it is time to change your life style. Taking lady for a drink is normal, but don’t make it an everyday routine.
Never expect sex on a first date. If you look for your special one, there is nothing more appealing than a patient man.
Make sure you are well-mannered, chivalry and full of courtesy. Take care of your woman, treat her with respect, don’t use rude language, swear words, etc. Hold the door open; help your woman with a chair, coat, etc.
Be a good listener and keep your date interested to communicate with you. Stop talking about yourself and ask your lady questions, but avoid asking too much. Thus, you risk loosing her interest in you.