How to stop being just a hookup for someone you love

In a couple of casual partners, one often appears to be more emotional than the other and can eventually fall in love. If this happens, how to change another person’s mind?

Are there any chances for the mutual feelings? Experts say, the first thing to change is a person’s state of mind. If someone decided to hookup only, then there’s nothing personal. (more…)

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How to Date Asian Women

It may be hard to believe, but Asian women have the same concerns and needs as any other women of European descent. This is because Fillipina hookup women were originally from China, Korea and Japan, and they are now the fastest growing group in the Asian community. As they are often seen as being more modest than their European counterparts, many women are looking for ways that they can keep their identity and respectability, while at the same time expanding their horizons.

Of course, it’s culture that makes Asian women attractive to Western men. They are considered to be more Asian, and their cultural values reflect the culture of their country, so they can be an ideal partner for a Western man. Of course, it helps if you know some of these cultural values, too. (more…)

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Best Casual Dating Apps (A Rich Man’s Flings)

I’m a self-made multi-millionaire who can sit on the couch and watch TV all day if I like. Now you are wondering why I’m not working my face off, but the truth is I’ve automated my business and can enjoy passive income now. A remember author Byron Tully wrote something along the lines of, “Rich men don’t waste time dating women they know that they aren’t going to marry”. But I don’t think those “rich men” are seriously rich because if they are seriously rich, they will have the time to do whatever they want. Since I’m not one of those “rich men” who trade hours for dollars, I’m happy to date any woman I like, including women that I know that I won’t marry. That’s why I’m talking about the best casual dating apps now. (more…)

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