Best Casual Dating Apps (A Rich Man’s Flings)

I’m a self-made multi-millionaire who can sit on the couch and watch TV all day if I like. Now you are wondering why I’m not working my face off, but the truth is I’ve automated my business and can enjoy passive income now. A remember author Byron Tully wrote something along the lines of, “Rich men don’t waste time dating women they know that they aren’t going to marry”. But I don’t think those “rich men” are seriously rich because if they are seriously rich, they will have the time to do whatever they want. Since I’m not one of those “rich men” who trade hours for dollars, I’m happy to date any woman I like, including women that I know that I won’t marry. That’s why I’m talking about the best casual dating apps now.

√1 Brilic

As the most popular casual dating app, Brilic is the best. I’ve had multiple flings on Brilic dating app since 2018 and life is good! My first fling on Brilic was with a Ukrainian woman who looks like Melania Trump. She is 1.8m tall, slim and sexy. My Ukrainian girl has thick lips and alluring eyes. Her lips are so full and were full of luscious lip gloss all the time. My second fling on Brilic dating app was with an Asian woman who doesn’t look like any celebrity that I am aware of, but she is the sweetest girl that I’ve ever met. My third fling on Brilic was with an American woman who looks slightly like Cameron Diaz – she has a bubbly personality that I admire and adore.

√2 LoveAgain

Although LoveAgain sounds like a dating app for widows and widowers, it’s actually a casual dating app, in my opinion. It is very well designed and user-friendly. My flings via LoveAgain are generally high-quality casual relationships that I still savor. For example, I dated a Canadian girl that I met on this app and she has the biggest tits that I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure why she isn’t an underwear model – I could do motor-boating on her for hours and that was usually our foreplay every night.

√3 Ashley Madison

Okay. I admit that I’m not the most faithful husband in the world because I also have mistresses that I met on Ashley Madison. But the truth is my wife doesn’t really mind because I guess she already knows it. For instance, she saw lipstick on my shirt once and didn’t say a word. I think that’s because my wife knows what she wants – a marriage that makes her look good and brings her powerful social circle & wealth. If she challenges me in this regard, I can easily get a divorce and I won’t need to pay her shit because we signed a pre-nup (she was happy to sign the pre-nup as she really, really wanted to marry a rich man). Since my wife is okay with my affairs, my dating profile on Ashley Madison has my real photo on it. Therefore, my profile gets a lot of page views and I constantly hook up with married women via this adultery dating app.

√4 CasualX

As far as I know, CasualX was created by a Chinese American woman Michelle Li who is the very definition of American success. She is a self-made entrepreneur who knows how to develop a phenomenal casual dating app and how to market it to the right audience. I really like CasualX dating app because women on this app are looking for casual hook-ups only. Since these hot girls are already looking for something that I want, my conversion rate on CasualX is nearly 100%, which is a bit unbelievable, but it’s true – almost every hot girl that I met on CasualX was extremely interested in me because I have good looks, money and status. More importantly, they are horny.

√5 Joyride

The name of this casual dating app is so erotic – Joyride! That suggests riding a Johnson with joy. Indeed, it’s a delicious name. Well, yes, I have met many delicious-looking women via Joyride – they are happy, hot and horny. One hot woman that I met on Joyride literally brought a Johnson ring for me to wear so that when I was penetrating her with passion, she would scream like a Japanese AV star, if you know what I mean.

√6 Meetville

Meetville dating app is another casual dating app that I highly recommend. Strictly speaking, it’s a mainstream dating app. But realistically, it’s just a hookup app most of the time because the majority of its members aren’t really looking for serious relationships. Let’s be honest – how many people can start a serious relationship with some random stranger that they meet on the Internet? That idea itself is ridiculous. I believe that every long-term relationship should start from a casual relationship. And then as time goes by, if two people are happy with each other in many ways and their personalities are compatible, yes, they can start a long-term commitment. In my opinion, marriage is an institution which was created in order to protect men’s wealth. Millions of years ago, human beings didn’t have marriages. But in reality, it’s easier for women to know which kids are hers, but it’s harder for men to know which kids are his. Therefore, marriage was created to control women’s sexuality. In this way, men could know which kids are his, and then he wouldn’t give his property to someone else’s kids. However, with today’s technology, we can do a DNA test and see which kids are mine. That’s why marriage isn’t necessary in this day and age anymore. Hence, Meetville has gradually become a casual dating app in the online dating space.

√7 Wild

How can I forget Wild dating app? This is a very important hookup dating app for people looking for fun, excitement and spontaneity. This app gave me the best sexual satisfaction so far because attractive women on Wild are truly wild – they know how to talk dirty in bed; they can perform like a p**n star; they gave me lap dance; they squirted like toy water guns. I still remember one gorgeous woman wetted my couch when we were making love in my house. Then I had to hire a professional cleaner to clean the couch because I don’t want anyone to sit on her fragrant liquid which smelt like Vera Wang’s Princess perfume – a powdery scent. She told me that was the most satisfying experience in her life. Actually, that was also the most satisfying moment in my life.