5 things about swing

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Adherents believe, the swing has always been, but has come up to the surface only in the 60’s of last century. The first printed reference to the exchange of wives appeared in men’s magazine. The article described the couples who gather for an intimate time together, with exchange of partners during sex. The article even had the statistics of such events in the Houston. Since then, the swing began to be discussed publicly, and spread over the world. In step with the post-war period included simple contraceptive tablets and more accessible ways to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Psychological background

According to psychologists in Houston, heterosexual women and men tend to imagine sex with other partners. Not so much because they are not satisfied of this section, and for a change. In addition, about 70% of women and 80% of men get pleasure from watching other people’s sex.


Soft swing – the pair does not exchange partners, and just make love in front of each other. Soft swing does not involve vaginal penetration, and only oral sex. This type of swing is in which couples change partners, but all sex is behind the screen – closed. Outdoor swing also assumes that the participants are in front of each other and without hesitation change lovers.


Arranging dates

Modern swingers prefer the Internet. Visiting clubs for swingers Houston is the right decision. They spend time online in chat rooms, and on special websites where you can fill the questionnaire, are sure to specify the requirements and wishes, important hobbies, eating habits and rest… The inner world of the other pair for many swingers is very important. Of course, there may be dating in everyday environment (on the beach, in a campaign, the clubs for swingers). But before there is any intimacy, people communicate; try to understand whether they fit or not. Swingers are polite and pleasant companions, show interest to both sexes, no prejudice. As a rule, they take their intimate time to someone’s apartment where nobody can disturb. Sometimes, couples go together to the resort.

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About 75% of women dream of MWM combination, although the reverse combination is often – about ten to three. The fact that men are shyer in sexual manifestation in front of other men. They like to look at lesbian affection, but with another man in most cases – is just too disgusting. Partners are selected on the basis of similarity in age and interest.