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About 1st-4-dating

The first date is always over-exciting, and it happens that singles aren’t sure what to do. Especially if they’re trying a new thing, such as older women dating, Latina dating, or sugar dating.
That’s why dating blogs with articles from relationship experts are helpful. They aren’t very time-consuming, but reading them is as helpful as full-fledged consultations would be.

Chatting online brings us many new acquaintances, but at the same time, new tasks we have to accomplish. It makes sense to experiment as much as we want, in search of the best partner for us.
But offline meetings are different. Even if we developed trust with a hot girl online, and think we know each other well, we need to keep on proving our real interest and the brightness of our personality.

It means, real dates start from our self-confidence, otherwise, they won’t work out. It’s fair even for BDSM affairs where a man plays a submissive role. He still needs to impress his mistress.
Try to learn from the beginning which qualities your chosen one appreciates in a partner, and show by all means that you possess those qualities. It can be done even on the very first date.

Top sites and apps for dating online


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International dating has many facets, and modern singles want to try them all. Hot girls from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, western countries are waiting for you on this best site.
An important part of each high-quality dating platform is a dating blog where one can find a lot of information. Sexy women on this site have an opportunity to learn about things and date efficiently.


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Travel dating grows more and more popular and these gorgeous women are perfect candidatures for visiting them. Plan your amazing adventure right on this site and learn more info about it.
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The first date and relationships date advice

Definition the first date has changed a lot today. Many hot singles meet just for hookups and casual affairs, so the first date is often one and only date, otherwise there are just a few more after.
So it depends on the kind of relationship you want, but the saying “You can only make a first impression once” remains actual forever. You know your worth, the question is how to show it to a girl.

Dating experts are giving many pieces of advice regarding that. One has to be a psychologist a bit, or at least to read top dating blogs with educative articles of relationship therapists.
Although all girls in the world have something in common, they are somewhat naïve, and enjoy shopping, there are still many differences between nationalities and it should be taken into account.

Impressing a young girl on a date differs from impressing an older woman. They may both have a high sex drive, but their ways of expressing that are not really similar. It comes with experience.
Being yourself without playing any role works only if you plan a long-term relationship. If it’s for one evening, you must be a cool playboy who knows what he wants and how to achieve that.

How to succeed in dating online?

There are concrete and well-working strategies on how to conquer hot girls online. International dating specialists recommend to logically estimate their data before applying some strategy.
For example, American, German, and Irish women are well-provided by their countries, they usually have good jobs and a high level of social protection so they don’t put all duties on a man.

One can impress them by pursuing his career and ambitions in life in his turn, by being sportive, well-travelled, youthful. Many of them like to do yoga and meditate, so if a man does, it’s a bonus too.
Latin American and Hispanic women are different, they are badly provided yet very optimistic, they live their life with zest of passion. They appreciate anything that brings more excitement.
If you love dancing, arts, cooking and eating out (https://www.1st-4-dating.com/how-ukrainian-women-act-at-home-and-how-in-public.html), you’ll always have what to discuss with them. Since they live among beautiful sceneries, in a warm climate, they’ll gladly be your free guides.

hot girls online

Eastern European women aren’t provided or protected much by their government either, but at the same time, they are great survivors and keep a high class in any conditions. They are true ladies.
Although raised in a patriarchal society, they do not expect a man to change their world, but rather assist him in his daily duties, listen to him as best friends, and make sure to satisfy him.

Questions and answers

When do I set up the first meeting in real?
You can do that even in the first message, it’s not an issue. Otherwise, wait until you chat more in depth.

How do I ask a girl out?
Just use a trivial sentence, are you free this evening, or next weekend? It never gets old.

Why would I date on a distance?
If a girl has a flexible mind and can relocate to you with time, then why not.

How do I know if she is really single?
Analyze whether she is free for chat late at night, analyze her rings and laces, her stories.

How to hookup a girl on the 1st date?
Just meet girls on themed hookup apps, and the problem is solved.

How to avoid scammers and catfishers?
Each dating site writes warnings about that, do not send money to strangers.

What if she wants to spend the first date in a big mall?
There are always many cafeterias to talk at, so attend them but avoid intense shopping together.

What if she hides some facts from me like having a child?
For hookups, it doesn’t matter anyway, otherwise she doesn’t want to risk your mutual sympathy before she knows you better.

How to hookup a girl

What are good first date questions?

• Do you think it’s romantic to make love in a train or in a boat?
• Do you believe that a honeymoon can last the whole life?
• Do you keep the distance with all people or hug and kiss easily?
• What would you do if you and your female friend liked the same man?
• Is it important to you to have similar interests and hobbies with your man?
• Do you prefer an active and sportive vacation or sunbathing?
• Do you enjoy slow dancing or only clubbing?
• How do you relax after everyday stresses?
• What are some of your likes and dislikes in a bed?
• What is your favorite romantic movie?

What are good questions to ask a single woman online?

• What type of men is the most attractive to you?
• Do you always wear makeup or enjoy being barefaced?
• Do you wear some perfume at home just for your pleasure?
• Do you need a lot of foreplay and massage to get horny?
• Do you think people need less sex as they age?
• When is your spare time and how do you spend it?
• What are the pros and cons of spending life with one partner only?
• What three main goals of the relationship would you name?
• Could you date on a distance for a long time, or only locally?
• Which kinds of intimacy do you find extreme?

How to be creative with a girl?

Today, many single men realize that a dating process is too trivial and they need to stand out of the crowd if they want to impress a girl. Being creative adds some excitement and brings difference.
Always busy at work and tired of stressful reality, men rarely manage to use their imagination or at least wake it up. Dating blogs suggest solutions for all categories of singles, in any country.

One should know, that a woman would rather date an odd guy than an average guy. So, be lightly odd in everything you do, at the same time, taking into account a girl’s possible wants.
Flowers are always appropriate on any date, even hookups. Men tend to forget about that. To not be banal, however, present yellow or lilac flowers – http://www.1st-4-dating.com/top-things-not-to-leave-home-without-going-on-a-date.html instead of pink and dark red. Be vivid!
Try to be playful and humorous, throughout the whole meeting. Accompany your stories and jokes with fine wine or other qualitative drinks, and do not forget about compliments.

interracial dating

If all goes smooth, and she adopts the playful atmosphere you created, a woman shall welcome your idea to go to some unusual romantic place, like the illuminated pool or the abandoned tram park.
Did you know that love making is much more exciting and brings keener sensations in such unusual places? So use your chance to be creative, and never be afraid of looking odd.

Success stories about the first date

“Our first date with Matt seemed awful to me, because I was so nervous and wanted him to like me. Later, Matt confessed he loved exactly my shyness and modesty, so everything is to the better!
Like all men, he hoped to have sex on a first date, but he realized I was too inexperienced for that. So he waited for my decision like a real gentleman, and we got intimate within a week.
We are a stable couple now, and I still cannot believe in my own luck. Matt is the sexiest man in the world, I don’t mind travelling to his state each time I want to see him, and we do travel together.
I think dating apps and especially dating blogs are helping people to win back their confidence and belief in themselves, to get closer physically and emotionally. I encourage my friends to join those blogs”.

have sex on a first date

“David used to be in Ireland for business each second week, while I was in Ireland for studying. On our first date, we thought it will be just friendship with benefits because soon we will both leave.
Since we liked each other a lot and discovered our super compatibility in sex, we started to read more about the relationship on a distance. There are many dating experts now who specialize in that.
Soon, we understood nothing stops us from travelling and seeing the world together, when our schedules allow. I finished my studies and started to work as a freelancer, it helps us to be flexible.
I would encourage all people who seek love online, it’s completely real to make things work, just be modern and follow the tendencies. Learn from experienced daters and create your own love scenarios”.

“Aya is a Chinese girl and I am a French businessman. There would be no chance for us to ever get to know each other if not a dating site covering many countries. This is how we met online.
We had our first date in Beijing, and it was awesome. Aya was so much younger than me yet very wise and mature. We were blown away with the passion and became lovers immediately.
Today, Aya is my personal guide in China wherever I want to go, and I took her to Paris twice. We are delighted by this spontaneous relationship and I’m sure it will only progress with time.
If I knew before I can learn that much about Asian girls, on popular dating blogs, I wouldn’t waste my time hanging out in local clubs. Online dating has future, and it changes lives to the better”.

Chinese girl

“I am a young sexy guy and my aim was to find a successful older woman who would love me and take care of me. I have never had such an experience, only dreamt about that.
On our first date with Melinda, I thought nothing will work out. I felt I am just a little boy who knows nothing and looks ridiculous. But she helped me to raise my self-esteem in counted minutes.
Then she confessed she was studying dating blogs thoroughly, all articles regarding toyboys and cubs and how to treat them. I was studying things about a cougar as well. We both needed practicing.
It’s all in the past now and we are a happy couple, we love to recall our funny first date. We are so closely connected and it would never happen if not specialized dating sites, so be brave and try them out”.